Defense Industry

The defense industry stands out as a field where powerful weapon and equipment production takes place. The characteristics of the products produced and the desire for stronger results contribute to the differentiation of materials used in this sector. As Sarıyıldız Laser, we provide you the opportunity to make a privileged choice with a variety of sheet metal types that fully meet your needs. We aim to complete the supply processes thoroughly, particularly by emphasizing the concepts of quality, safety, and sustainability. With Sarıyıldız Laser, we meet your needs with different sheet metal varieties and high-quality solutions.

Types of Sheet Metal Used in the Defense Industry

The defense industry, considered a sector that encompasses weapon production, utilizes both strong metals and functional sheets. In this regard, the aim is to fully meet the requirements in a sector where almost all types of sheet metals are needed. In this field, where private sector companies continue their activities on one hand and government-related organizations continue production on the other, the most crucial aspect is to avoid any errors related to the types of sheet metal used. Sarıyıldız Laser exhibits the necessary precision in this regard to provide the most accurate solutions.

When it comes to types of sheet metal, options such as black sheet, aluminum sheet, galvanized sheet, DKP sheet, HRP sheet, and many other alternatives are available. Our company, which provides quality services for all these types of sheet metal, also aims to differentiate its solutions. Especially, providing a positive response to processed and unprocessed metal demands is a notable aspect in this regard.

Defense Industry and Sheet Metal Processing Services

While providing the most reasonable solutions related to sheet metal varieties, we also make sure not to neglect offering quality alternatives according to the demands of our business partners. In this context, we aim to provide solutions in many areas such as press brake bending, laser cutting, fiber laser cutting, and welding as required. It’s quite simple what to do to benefit from a perspective that suits you!

As Sarıyıldız Laser, we diversify our services by evaluating the trust and quality-oriented services we offer. Whether you need processed or unprocessed metal products, we are here to assist you. Contact us to meet all your needs!