Furniture is a sector that allows the production of products needed in almost every moment of human life. Furniture is a sector that allows the production of products needed in almost every moment of human life. As an alternative that offers different solutions from home life to the office, materials are the most important element in the manufacturing process of the furniture sector. It’s clear that furniture made with sheet and metal materials is more durable and long-lasting. As Sarıyıldız Lazer, we aim to provide quality material supply for furniture, which is an important part of human life, while adopting an uncompromising approach to quality. If you are a brand operating in the furniture sector and you plan to purchase sheet and metal products, you can contact us.

Types of Sheet Used in the Furniture Sector

The furniture sector encompasses the production of a wide range of products, from classic sofas to elegant office furniture. Consequently, the range of materials needed is equally extensive. The types of sheet metal used to enhance the durability, functionality, and quality of furniture products are prominent in this context. As Sarıyıldız Lazer, we complete the supply processes for both sheet metal and processed sheet metal. Commonly preferred types of sheet metal for use in furniture products include galvanized sheet, black sheet, diamond patterned sheet, DKP sheet, aluminum sheet, HRP sheet and stainless steel sheet. All these solutions contribute to higher-quality and longer-lasting products. Moreover, they provide advantages for more professional manufacturing processes. To ensure smooth manufacturing without encountering any issues, you can choose raw sheet metal or processed sheet metal from Sarıyıldız Lazer.

The Furniture Sector and Our Sheet Metal Processing Services

Although the general perception in furniture manufacturing leans towards the exclusive use of wooden products, metal products are also widely preferred to provide solutions for durability. Therefore, you can seek professional solutions from us for the processing of metal products. So, what do we offer you in sheet metal processing, which is a crucial part of your manufacturing process?

Depending on the type of product you are manufacturing, we provide you with solutions such as press brake bending, laser cutting, fiber laser cutting, profile welding, and profile and pipe cutting. We meet your needs by cutting and processing sheet metal in the desired quantity while also excelling in on-time delivery. You can get in touch with us to reach the most reasonable solutions with Sarıyıldız Lazer.