Industrial Kitchen

The industrial kitchen sector is the industry where products used in the kitchens of large enterprises are manufactured. The primary material used in the industrial kitchen sector, where functional products such as large boilers, cooking stoves, and ovens are manufactured, is sheet metal because they need to be durable and functional. As Sarıyıldız Lazer, we provide quality services to all our customers operating in the industrial kitchen sector. We fulfill your requests comprehensively while contributing to quality manufacturing. You can make the right decision regarding sheet metal varieties and request either raw or processed sheet metal.

Types of Sheet Metal Used in the Industrial Kitchen Sector

The types of sheet metal used in industrial kitchens vary depending on the product and manufacturing solutions. Therefore, when determining which type of sheet metal to use, it’s essential to focus on the specific solutions needed. As Sarıyıldız Lazer, we carefully consider both the types of sheet metal and the processing processes to provide effective solutions that meet your requirements while maintaining a high level of quality. So, how do we address your needs when it comes to sheet metal?

We meet your needs with a wide range of sheet metal types depending on the type and characteristics of the products you manufacture. We offer suitable services in DKP Sheet, HRP Sheet, Aluminum Sheet, Black Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet, Diamond Patterned Sheet, and Galvanized Sheet. If you want to access solutions that will enhance the quality and performance of your products, the steps to take are quite simple! Just select the quality sheet metal type from among the options to meet your requirements!

The Industrial Kitchen Sector and Our Sheet Metal Processing Services 

As Sarıyıldız Lazer, we aim to respond to various industry-specific needs with an uncompromising commitment to quality and performance. . We aim to provide the best solutions for all our customers with our extensive product range and meticulous approach to services. In this context, we evaluate the products preferred by brands in the industrial kitchen sector and provide our services accordingly.

We manage the process of supplying sheet metal, whether in its raw or processed form. We determine the supply process according to your preferences without restrictions on sheet metal thickness and dimensions. We want you to be aware that we provide faster services for the supply of raw sheet metal, while delivery times may be longer for processed sheets. You too can start taking advantage of Sarıyıldız Lazer’s benefits by selecting a sheet metal that suits your production processes. We provide support with services such as press brake bending, laser cutting, fiber laser cutting, and welding.