Galvanized Sheet Prices and Features

Galvanized sheets stand out as one of the most commonly preferred materials in the metal processing industry. Thanks to its quality structure and long-lasting features, galvanized sheet is a popular choice, and its dimensions are among the most distinguishing details of galvanized sheets. Depending on the sector and product group you operate in, you can make your final decision regarding the dimensions and features of galvanized sheets.

Galvanized Sheet Dimensions

As Sarıyıldız Lazer, we offer the following alternatives for galvanized sheet dimensions. We provide unlimited solutions for sheet quantity by adjusting the dimensions according to demand.

  • 1 mm – 3 mm (Thickness)
  • 1000 × 2000 (Dimensions)
  • 1250 × 2500 (Dimensions)
  • 1500 × 3000 (Dimensions)

What Is Galvanized Sheet?

Galvanized sheet, also known as galvanized steel sheet, is produced by coating metal materials with zinc to prevent rusting. These sheets are low-carbon and can undergo both cold and hot rolling processes. To prevent corrosion, the sheets are subjected to processes such as hot-dip galvanization after the treatments specific to the sheet to get them to their final shape. Once the zinc coating is applied, the sheets are considered ready for use. Galvanized sheets are commonly used in areas where environmental factors can lead to corrosion. Therefore, selecting the right galvanized sheet is crucial depending on the industry and application.

Galvanized Sheet Models and Features

Galvanized sheets are generally produced in rolls. After the galvanization process applied to the sheets in corrugated or trapezoidal patterns, a higher quality and stronger structure is achieved. The resistance to corrosion is at its highest level, and the deformation of the sheet is almost impossible.

During the galvanization process, a melting process at 460°C is performed, which results in high rust resistance for the sheets. Despite its durability, it is relatively lightweight. Its combination of being lightweight and durable makes it a stand out in the industry. With these features, it emphasizes its utility and stands out as an environmentally friendly product.

Applications of Galvanized Sheets

Galvanized sheet models are preferred in a wide range of applications, from the automotive sector to HVAC systems. Especially due to their strength against environmental factors, they attract attention in areas such as prefab house construction, roofing materials, and factory construction. Its non-harmful nature to human health and practicality makes you feel its E-excellency .In general, the areas of use for galvanized sheets are listed as follows.

  • Machinery Industry
  • Industrial Kitchen
  • White Goods
  • Automotive
  • Scaffolding Mold
  • Furniture
  • Defense Industry
  • Industrial Industry
  • Lighting Industry

What Are the Advantages of Using Galvanized Steel?

The prominence of galvanized steel as a practical and high-quality material makes it a highly notable choice. When you choose galvanized steel, which is among the top materials in many sectors listed above, you can benefit from various advantages. Here are some of the key advantages you can expect when using galvanized steel!

  • When used in architectural structures, it helps create structures with less material.
  • It provides cost-efficiency in plumbing installations.
  • It caters to flexibility and aesthetic needs in architecture.
  • It saves time with faster project completion.
  • It eliminates common issues like rusting.
  • Complies with international standards for zinc coating, meeting bid specifications.


With all these distinctive features, galvanized steel models stand out, allowing you to achieve the most reasonable results. With our commitment to uncompromising quality at Sarıyıldız Lazer, we aim to provide you with a solution that meets your needs.

Applications of Galvanized Sheets

Galvanized sheet metal is a highly durable product produced in various dimensions. It is a quality solution due to its suitability for laser cutting, press brake bending, and other processes. Its ability to be used on wet and damp surfaces is also essential. It distinguishes itself from ordinary sheet metal plates with its protective effect and durability against all adversities.

Products manufactured using galvanized sheet metal plates have a long shelf life. This fact has led to increasing preference for galvanized sheet  over time. As Sarıyıldız Lazer, we aim to provide a quick response to galvanized sheet metal plate needs in order to offer suitable solutions for various demands.

Galvanized Sheet Prices

Galvanized sheet is widely used due to its quality, features, and various details. One of the most frequently asked questions, depending on the industry and product-specific sheet preferences, is the galvanized sheet prices. Because, besides its quality, its price-performance ratio is important in choosing galvanized sheet. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about galvanized sheet prices as a company that processes galvanized sheets or a business that buys them for distribution.

When calculating galvanized sheet prices, the first and most important detail is the thickness of the preferred sheet. The thicker the sheet, the higher the amount to be paid for the product. Furthermore, another crucial aspect is the dimensions of the galvanized sheet. As Sarıyıldız Lazer, we offer the possibility of using different dimensions of sheets. We aim to provide a quality solution based on the requests of our customers.

Another essential detail in the price of galvanized sheet is whether a plate or a processed piece is preferred. Galvanized sheet prices for sheets that have been shaped by processes like laser cutting, press brake bending, or other operations will generally be higher than for plain sheets. To take advantage of the benefits offered by Sarıyıldız Lazer, you can get in touch with us to learn more about galvanized sheet pricing.