HRP Sheets Features and Prices

HRP sheet metal is a frequently used material in today’s world. You can find all the details about HRP sheet metal, which is notable for its various features and applications, in this article. Now, let’s examine the details regarding HRP sheet metal.

HRP Sheets Sizes

HRP sheet metal comes in various dimensions to suit different application areas. In this regard, you can choose the most suitable dimensions for yourself and your company from the different sizes offered at Sarıyıldız Lazer and places an order. The dimensions of HRP sheet metal are as follows:

  • Thickness: 2.5mm – 10mm
  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 2000mm
  • Dimensions: 1250mm x 2500mm
  • Dimensions: 1500mm x 3000mm

What Is HRP Sheet Metal­?

HRP sheet metal stands for Hot Rolled Pickled, which refers to the process of hot rolling, where metal sheets are compressed with high-temperature rollers. It is possible to say that hot rolling is preferred to shape the metal and adjust its thickness. HRP sheet metal is a term commonly used for steel sheets and is frequently encountered in the steel industry. The sheet obtained as a result of this process can be used in various applications in different industries. The durability and strength of steel sheets make them a preferred choice in many construction, automotive, machinery manufacturing, and industrial applications.

HRP Sheet Metal Features and Advantages

HRP sheet metal has several important features, and these features include:

High Strength: HRP sheet metal is compressed at high temperatures during the hot rolling process. Therefore, it has very high strength, which enhances its structural durability. It is suitable for applications with high stress, making it commonly used in applications requiring durability, such as construction steel and machinery parts.

Various Thicknesses: HRP sheet metal comes in various thicknesses. It makes it crucial for meeting the requirements of different applications. The thickness of the preferred sheet in the construction or automotive sector can be selected based on specific strength and design requirements.

Pickled Surface: HRP sheet metal undergoes a pickling process during processing. In this regard, this process causes the oxide layer on the surface of the sheets to emerge and results in a much cleaner surface. This clean surface is advantageous for various applications, including painting, welding, and coating, as it provides an improved surface for adhesion and finishing.

Surface Machinability: HRP plate can be easily machined, cut, shaped, and welded. This provides flexibility in engineering design and manufacturing processes. Shaping the plate into the desired form enhances its ability to adapt to special projects.

Corrosion Resistance: HRP plate is more resistant to corrosion since the oxide layer on the surface has been exposed. Furthermore, due to this feature, it is preferred in applications that require coating or painting. The durability of steel plates used in the construction sector in outdoor conditions benefits from this advantage.

Various Applications: HRP plate is a versatile material used in construction, automotive, machinery manufacturing, industrial equipment, plumbing, and many other industries and applications. The wide range of applications for steel plates contributes to their preference in various industries.

Economic Pricing: HRP plate is generally available at an economical cost. Its cost-effectiveness contributes to the preference for steel plates in projects with budget constraints.

Recyclability: Steel plate products are recyclable. This provides an environmentally sustainable material option and offers advantages for waste management.

HRP Sheet Applications

HRP sheet has various applications in the following areas:

Construction and Buildings: HRP sheet is preferred for various purposes in the construction sector, including construction materials, beams, steel columns, structural frames, and cladding.

Automotive Industry: HRP sheet is widely used in the automotive industry for chassis components, automotive bodies, and structural elements.

Machine Manufacturing: HRP Sheets is preferred for parts, frames, and bodies of industrial machines.

Industrial Equipment: HRP sheet is used for factory equipment, storage racks, industrial furnaces, conveyance systems, and other industrial equipment.

Piping: It is used for pipes, storage tanks, and other piping equipment for water and gas distribution.

Machine Coatings: HRP sheet is used for coatings and bodies of manufacturing and industrial machinery.

Energy Sector: It is used in energy production equipment, wind turbine components, and energy transmission lines.

Maritime and Ports: HRP sheet is used in ship construction, port equipment, and shipbuilding due to its resistance to marine conditions.

Shelving and Storage Systems: It is preferred for industrial warehouse shelving, rack systems, and storage equipment.

Metal Processing: It is used in various applications such as metal processing machinery, metal sheets and equipment.

Transportation and Shipping: HRP sheet is used in transportation vehicles.

Wind Energy: It is preferred for structural components of wind turbines.

HRP Sheet Prices

HRP sheet prices are one of the most common curiosities for those who prefer these products. Although it is a widely used material, it is not possible to provide precise information about the prices of HRP sheets. Because prices vary depending on the dimensions of the products. In this regard, you can get detailed information about HRP sheet prices by contacting Sarıyıldız Lazer.